Hydrostatic Testing

We have a Registered Gas Cylinder Test Station certified by Global-Mark



We provide hydrostatic testing for all seamless compressed gas cylinders from small bailout cylinders, SCBA cylinders to G size storage cylinders.

We test all seamless cylinders including composite fibre, steel and aluminium cylinders. We pride ourselves on excellent service, testing procedures and detailed reporting.

Scuba and Breathing Air (SCBA) Cylinders

Brewing Cylinders

ie. Carbon Dioxide CO2, Nitrogen N2 and Blends

Oxygen Cylinders

Industrial Gas Cylinders

ie. Carbon Dioxide CO2, Nitrogen N2, Helium and Industrial Blends etc

CSA has been testing and filling cylinders since 1997. Our technicians are highly experienced and all testing is completed in accordance with Australian Standards as well as the applicable International Standards and Manufacturer’s Specifications. Our clients can be assured of our commitment to quality.

Pressure Gauge Calibrations

Hose Testing

Pressure Testing of Hoses

Valve Servicing and Refurbishment

Testing, Servicing and Calibration of Pressure Relief Valves

Our Breathing Air is regularly tested to verify that it is of the highest quality and is safe to breathe