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Our one stop shop houses an accredited hydrostatic test station No.212, including wet jacket (permanent expansion) test unit.  We test all seamless (scuba diving cylinders), composite carbon glass and aluminium cylinders (confined space/firefighting cylinders) which are compliant to Australian Standards #AS2030.1. AS2337.1 and AS2337.3.

Our workshop is equipped with heavy lifting equipment and specialist EHP calibrated gauges for testing of cascade bank cylinders to test pressure of 60MPa

We service most brands of cylinder valves used in SCUBA and SCBA cylinders.

Our cylinder air filling station supplies air to strict AS/NZS 1715 SCBA and AS2299 Commercial Diving air quality standards. 1 to 100 cylinders can be filled, up to 30Mpa fill pressure.

For the home brew beer enthusiasts we test private CO2 cylinders and recharge private CO2 cylinders with food grade carbon dioxide on site.  This includes the Air UP and Keg on Legs brand of CO2 system.  We also fill Aquarium CO2 cylinders for water treatment of fish tanks.

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